A Perfect Example of Noble Ends, but Terrible Means

What is justice? 

If you ask ten people that question, you’ll get ten answers. Well, if you’re listening to pop-culture, you’ll get one answer, and the other nine will keep their mouths shut for fear of reprisal. 


If you don’t stick with the script of the party line (whoever is in power at the time), you can lose more than just your ego. Those who ascribe to the popular perspective of Social Justice Scholarship, including Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, vilify anyone who doesn’t go along with their narrative and drink the cool aid. 

Two academicians, writing in favor of justice but opposed to the current means of getting there, state, “It is therefore no exaggeration to observe that Social Justice Theorists have created a new religion, a tradition of faith that is actively hostile to reason, falsification, disconfirmation, and disagreement of any kind. Indeed, the whole postmodernist project now seems, in retrospect, like an unwitting attempt to have deconstructed the old metanarratives of Western thought—science and reason along with religion and capitalist economic systems—to make room for a wholly new religion, a post-modern faith based on a dead God” (Cynical Theories, 211).

Sounds like these two authors are “born-again, evangelical, Bible-thumping Christians.” But they’re not. They’re secular humanists who happen to be speaking out against a radicalization of postmodernism in our modern era that has the potential to destroy the foundations of Western Civilization. Strange bedfellows.

This is an example of noble ends, terrible means. Of all people, Christians should uphold the noble ends of eradicating racism, defending the poor, caring for the immigrant and under resourced. But let’s not buy in to the terrible means of hostility, violence, and hatred. Postmodernism as a foundation for justice will implode, leading to greater injustice. When you say there is no absolute truth, then that very statement ipso facto cannot be true. If you try to build social justice on a foundation of sand, then the very noble ends to which you aspire will be destroyed.

Justice, biblical justice, begins with the absolute truth of the One who is Just. Moses declared, “The Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he” (Deuteronomy 32:4, ESV). God created the world to be just; sin is what ripped our world apart. 

If we want to see the noble ends of injustice destroyed and justice restored, let’s do so by the noble means of returning to Jesus Christ the righteous (1 John 2:1, ESV).