E91 Counseling is a training and equipping facility. We provide practicum positions, internships, and post-graduate residencies for students (Master's level and above). As a part of our training, we provide supervision from experienced, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Pastoral Counselors. 


During our training, we provide: individual and group supervision and peer consultation. You'll also received training in both counseling and administrative skills in individual, couples, family, and group experiences. We also have various additional training and continuing education opportunities, including participation in large church events, if desired. Supervision training is also offered. Our training program and the specific opportunities we offer are a great next step for a person who has completed a Master's level training program in Pastoral Counseling but hasn't yet received clinical experience. We have trained supervisors equipped to help you with your next steps.


I completed my counseling practicum, internship, and most of my residency at the E91 Counseling Center where I received training and supervision froom licensed tractitioners as part of my journey to become a therapist. While the oversight and guidance that I received helped to increase my competence, even more impactful was how the leadership and staff helped me grow both as a person and as a clinician. Each new therapeutic approach that I wanted to study or train in was encouraged and supported. While I encountered challenges in my work, I was guided with wisdom and provided a framework to develop new skills. I was given the autonomy to discover who I am as a therapist while being encouraged to combine my training with my life experience and giftedness. The opportunity to serve a wide variety of clients helped me to advance my craft and pursue my passion for treating clients and talented professionals at E91 who not only model exemplary counseling practices, but also reflect the love of Christ whole doing it.


- E91 Intern and Resident

Training Facility Overview

Please contact our Director, Natalie Hubartt, with any training facility questions.

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