How to Book an Appointment

The easiest way to book your Initial Appointment is by clicking the button below. If you have any questions, you can send an email message using the link below or leave a voicemail at (317) 598-1580.   

If you're unable to find an Initial Appointment that works for your schedule, E91 Counseling is now offering Steps Towards Wellness, a group for anyone interested in counseling. This group meets every other Monday and provides information on various topics such as anxiety, healthy relationships, grief, depression, and more! If you are interested or want more information, please contact Rene Hancock.


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The E91 Counseling Center is located inside East 91st Street Christian Church, located at 6049 E. 91st Street, Indianapolis. To easily access the Counseling Center, use the 91st Street Entrance to the small parking lot located west of the Main Entrance. (You'll see a small sign by the road that says The Hall & Counseling Center). When you enter the small parking lot, you will see a sign for E91 Counseling Ministry on the exterior of the building. Enter through Door #4, and once inside, take the stairs down to the basement where you'll find the Counseling Center waiting area. For handicapped accessible access, enter through Door #2, and take the elevator off the Main Lobby near to the lower level and follow the signs to the Counseling Center.


E91 Counseling is a training and equipping facility. We provide practicum positions, internships, and post-graduate residencies for students (Master's level and above). As a part of our training, we provide supervision from experienced, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Pastoral Counselors. Learn More Here