Welcome to the Good Neighbor Program

At E91, we hold dear the values of compassion, community, and stewardship as we endeavor to support our neighbors in times of need. Grounded in our faith and commitment to service, the Good Neighbor Ministry stands as a beacon of hope for individuals and families encountering hardships.

Our Values

Support for Families: We believe in extending a helping hand to families facing challenges, offering a range of programs and services tailored to their needs. From financial assistance to housing support, counseling, and educational programs, we strive to provide comprehensive support systems.


Emphasis on Future Generations: Our focus extends beyond the present, aiming to create a legacy of positive change for future generations. By addressing systemic issues like poverty and addiction, we work to break cycles of adversity, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.


Mental and Emotional Well-being: We foster an environment where individuals and families can envision and pursue a better future for themselves. Through mentorship, networking opportunities, workshops, and creative programs, we encourage hope, resilience, and personal growth.


Long-term Impact: Our aim is not just to provide immediate relief but to effect lasting change in the lives of those we serve. Through skill-building programs and accessible resources, we empower families to create sustainable, positive transformations in their circumstances.


Community Engagement: We believe in the power of community-building to uplift and support one another. By fostering a culture of mutual aid and cooperation, we endeavor to create a vibrant, inclusive environment where families can thrive together.


Program Details 

If you find yourself in need of assistance, we encourage you to take the following steps:



Rest assured that all requests are handled with confidentiality by our dedicated Good Neighbor Team. While we strive to respond promptly, please note that it may take up to 72 hours for our team to reach out for additional information or documentation.


Our program operates on two Application & Onboarding cycles each month, with deadlines as follows:

Cycle One

Application Deadline: 1st Wednesday of the month

Application Evaluation: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Application Decisions, Program Agreement, and Payments: 3rd Week of the month


Cycle Two

Application Deadline: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Application Evaluation: 4th Wednesday of the month

Application Decisions, Program Agreement, and Payments: 1st Week of the month



While we endeavor to assist as many individuals and families as possible, please understand that our resources are limited, and we rely on the dedication of our volunteer team.


At the heart of the Good Neighbor Program lies a commitment to fostering growth and stability, rather than providing one-time emergency support. We are here to walk alongside you on your journey toward a brighter future.


Eligibility and Program Expectations 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements


To qualify for the Good Neighbor Program, individuals must meet one of the following criteria:


  1. Active Attendance: You are actively attending East 91st Street Christian Church.
  2. Community Referral: You have received a referral from one of our specific community partners.
  3. School Affiliation: You have a currently enrolled student in or are an employee of Mary Castle Schools.
  4. E91 Early Learning Preschool: You are participating in E91 Early Learning Preschool.


If you qualify for the Good Neighbor Program through a Community Referral or a Partner School, it is important to note we collaborate closely with our partners to ensure comprehensive support for all participants.


Program Expectations


By choosing to participate in the Good Neighbor Program, you commit to the following expectations:


  1. 1. Consistent Communication: You agree to maintain open and consistent communication with the Good Neighbor team throughout your involvement in the program.
  2. 2. Action Steps Commitment: You commit to taking proactive steps outlined in the individualized program agreement. These steps are designed to empower you on your journey toward stability and growth.
  3. 3. Disclosure of Changes: You agree to disclose any changes in circumstances or additional financial support you may receive to your assigned program mentor. This ensures transparency and enables us to tailor our support according to your evolving needs.


Thank you for considering participation in the Good Neighbor Program at E91. Your dedication to these expectations will contribute to the success of our collective efforts in building a stronger, more resilient community.





At East 91st Street Christian Church we are all about Helping People Take Next Steps with Jesus by connecting people with God and with one another. 


We value building authentic relationships, reaching the next generation, being kingdom minded, applying Bibilical truth.
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