The Bible teaches us to respect, take care of, and honor God’s money. Doing so creates financial freedom that allows us to be generous to those in need. At E91, we strive to be good stewards of what God has given us and want to live out the biblical mandate of care for our neighbors (1 Timothy 6:18).  Out of this commitment, the Good Neighbor Ministry has been formed to care for those in our E91 community who are experiencing trouble securing the necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and utilities.

E91 is accepting participants in our Good Neighbor program. All requests will be considered. Please note the Good Neighbor Ministry is not equipped to handle emergency requests. It usually takes two weeks to process a request. If you are in need and cannot wait two weeks we suggest you contact or call 211 to find other resources in your area. Completing the application does not guarantee that your request can be fulfilled, and some may only partially be met, depending on the availability of resources. 

We do not take same-day appointments. Our front desk is not able to expedite the process in any way. The best way to ensure a timely response is to complete all forms accurately and upload all supporting documents. If you do not fully complete both forms of this application, it will not be considered for assistance. 

Your request will be kept confidential.  Someone from the Good Neighbor Ministry will contact you within 72 hours to go over your application and discuss, once you have completed the process below.   Our Good Neighbor Ministry representative will ask you to participate in evaluating, planning, and creating action steps during the process. You will be asked to complete the action steps assigned to you. Failure to complete the action steps will disqualify you from future participation in the Good Neighbor Ministry. These steps may include a class, mentoring, or other activities.  When we contact you, it’s possible you may be called from a blocked phone number.

The Good Neighbor Grants are intended to serve the community of East 91st Street Christian Church

The minimum eligibility requirements are at least one of the following:  

You are actively attending East 91st Street Christian Church. 

You living within the North/South boundaries of 96th street to 71st Street and the East/West boundaries of Allisonville Road to  Fall Creek Rd . 

You have a currently enrolled student in Mary Castle Schools, Belzer Middle School, or Lawerence Central High-school. 

You are participating in E91 Early Learning Preschool.  

If you would like to continue and request assistance, complete the following steps:

Step One: Complete the Good Neighbor Application Form 1

Step Two: Download and fill out the Budget Snapshot Document (You will upload this completed document in Step 3)

Step Three: Complete the Good Neighbor Application Form 2 (budget snapshot is required)

If you do not complete all three steps, you will not be added to our workflow, and will not hear from the Good Neighbor Team. All of the steps must be completed, in their entirety.